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CCAF enhances quality of care for individuals with severe mental illness and their relatives, focusing on autonomy, inclusion and participation. CCAF executes peer audits using model fidelity scales for interventions, teams, organizations and networks. Promoting the use of (self)evaluation tools to improve the internal quality cycle is another key feature of the organization.

From the start, CCAF has focused on disseminating effective care for people with severe mental illness in the community. The model fidelity scales for the ACT-model and the Dutch FACT-model were the first instruments that the CCAF worked with. Multiple translations of FACT model fidelity scales and adjoining products exist and are in use.

The original American Assertive Community Treatment model is characterized as an exceptional intensive and outreaching multidisciplinary approach. The caseload is fully shared and there is a low care provider – client ratio (1:10).

The Dutch Flexible ACT-model combines that ACT-thoroughness with shared case management. FACT makes sure, that upscaling and downscaling the intensity of mental health care in times of crisis, treatment and recovery for all individuals with severe mental illness, can be done in one team.

ACT on the other hand, focuses on the 20% who are in the worst condition. For both ACT and FACT, teams take full responsibility for all the different forms of mental health care for people with severe mental illness from the target group in a district or small region.

FACT teams are installed in the Netherlands (>300), Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, England, Bonaire, Aruba, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Moldova and Canada.

In order to uplift the quality of mental health care and adapt to changes in the field of Mental Health and beyond, the original model fidelity scale from 2008 was replaced in 2017.

Quality improvement regards the work of individual care providers, teams and healthcare networks. Please contact the CCAF for instruments, background information and procedures that helps enhancing the quality of care provided by Mental Health Institutes or community services.

CCAF model fidelity scales:

Supporting products:
* FACT Manual
* Guideline for a FACT-board meeting
* Guideline for a Coordination of Care Dialogue